Give yourself or your loved one the perfect gift... a hand-painted picture on canvas

No mechanical process, only a reproduction of your photo hand-painted by one of our artists.


Just look around you and you'll certainly agree that paintings really are truly timeless gifts. Art itself bears witness to this. What better way to stop time in its tracks! A hand-painted picture is never thrown away. What's more, it gains in value as it gets older.

So why not experience or share the joy of owning a beautiful picture right away by ordering your first painting?


It could be the ideal gift, one which will be passed on from generation to generation, leaving a warmer and more intimate memory than a mere photo, gracing your wall for all time.


All you need to do is send us any photo of your choice.



A photo skilfully transformed into a beautiful painted canvas picture: the perfect gift.


In a world in which photos are ten a penny and are losing their value as souvenirs, we have decided to offer those who wish this a rather more authentic way of recording a happy moment for posterity: a reproduction of your photo, hand-painted onto a linen canvas by one of our artists and mounted on a stretcher bar.


Decorate your walls with your favourite pictures. Choose those you love, your family, friends and the places which have marked you the most, or perhaps a work from one of your favourite painters.




A handed painting : Copy better than original !


Our artists are doing better than Photoshop and they can remove the defaults from the picture.


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Payment in 3 times for free

Starting from 250€ purchase

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A table clothes wall and illuminates a room, so do not hesitate to refer you to large size.
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For orders greater than 500€